COVID-19 Information

Coronavirus Vaccination for Students, Faculty and Staff | Tohoku University

If you wish to receive Covid-19 vaccination in Sendai, please make a reservation by following the method prescribed by municipalities. Please refer to the below link for the procedures.

Support With Application of Vaccination Coupon

If you wish to receive vaccination in Sendai, you will need to apply for vaccination coupon.
The International Support Center offers assistance to all international students, researchers and faculty members to apply for the vaccination coupon on their behalf.

Vaccination Certificate

(Updated on September 3, 2021)

If you need a vaccination certificate for overseas travel, please apply to the municipality that issued your vaccination coupon.

If you have not received a vaccination coupon for a certain reason, such as you came to Japan after the coupon issuance period ended, you will need to first apply for a vaccination coupon even if you have already been vaccinated.

Digital Vaccination Certificate App (only in Japanese)

The Japanese Government has launched digital vaccination certificate app on 20th December, 2021 on App Store and Google Play. Getting your vaccination certificate issued digitally can be convenient as it is stored in your smartphone devices and can be shown as and when required.

Refer to the below link for details (only available in Japanese)

The app is only available in Japanese. You may refer to the below guide on the steps to get your digital vaccination certificate issued in the app.
Please be advised that the app only issues digital certificate for vaccination received in Japan.

Tohoku University’s Responses

This Tohoku University’s portal site compiles various information including the emergency action plan (BCP), what to do when you are unwell, and various support for students.

Other Links


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This page introduces services available when traveling to Japan, as well as some points you need to keep in mind.

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If you are planning to temporarily return to your home country, please see the link above.

Special Treatment for Status of Residence

This page introduces special measures for Status of Residence due to the spread of COVID-19.