Other Information/Links

1. Financial Aid (Scholarships)

You can find various information on scholarship opportunities for prospective and current international students of Tohoku University at the link below.

2. Japanese Language Learning

Tohoku University offers Japanese Language Programs for International Students and Scholars.

Students can choose one of several classes according to their language proficiency and learning objectives. The programs include international co-learning seminars that international students discuss on a variety of topics together with Japanese students. It also offers some classes that students learn Japanese culture.

For details, please see the link below.

3. Extracurricular Activities (Clubs & Circles)

Tohoku University encourages students to enjoy extracurricular activities to be highly cultured persons. The Student Friendship Association is a university-wide organization consisting of many sports and cultural clubs.

In the video below, information on clubs and circles will be covered, including differences between a club and a circle, how to join, things to be aware of, level of Japanese required, and international student/resident associations. (Produced by the International Student Help Desk)

4. Tutoring System

Tutoring system is designed to assist international students new to Japan
with their studies, daily life, etc., and help them adjust to their new
surroundings as smoothly as possible.

If you wish to have a tutor, please consult with your academic advisor or department office.

5. Learning Support

The Center for Learning Support provides various kinds of support for international students including Japanese conversation practice, assistance with writing reports and papers in Japanese.

6. Finding a Job/Career Building

The Center provides seminars and counseling to assist you with post-graduation career-building.

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