Online Community

As a solution, the Global Learning Center (GLC) has launched an online global community. We welcome not only international students, but also Japanese students who wish to interact with international students. Please feel free to join our community, find new encounters, and share your thoughts, knowledge, experience, and opinions.

The community is a global community. You are encouraged to share posts in English or simple Japanese so that all community members can easily join conversations.

1. What You Need to Join

All you need to join the community is your Microsoft 365 account*. If you are not sure what your account is, please go to the Integrated Electronic Authentication System to see your account.

*Microsoft 365 account issued by Tohoku University (

2. Microsoft Yammer

This community is powered by Microsoft Yammer, a social media platform known as “internal social media” or “Twitter for companies”. Unlike other social media where messages are open to the public, you can communicate only with members of your organization.

Yammer connects people across the university, enabling you to build communities.

3. Usage Policies

When you sign in to Yammer, you will see Tohoku University’s Yammer Usage Policies. Please carefully read and abide by the policies to provide a great community experience for every member.

You can also see the policies at any time by clicking on the box in the upper right corner of the Yammer Home Feed.

Yammer’s Home Feed

4. How to Join

Please feel free to join the community via your browser, and see what kind of topics members are talking about. All you need to do is sign in to Yammer with your Microsoft 365 account.

Join the Community

5. Resources

  1. Orientation Session Videos
  2. Language Settings
  3. Several Ways to Access Yammer
  4. Creating a New Community
  5. Organizing a Live Event
  6. Other Resources

1) Orientation Session Videos

Yammer orientation session videos are available on Google Classroom. The session was held by the International Student Help Desk on September 28. You can find the class code in the webpage below.

2) Language Settings

When you first sign in to Yammer, the language may be set to Japanese. This section tells you how to switch the language.

(1) Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

(2) Click “設定の編集” (Edit Settings).

(3) Select the “ユーザー設定” (PREFERENCES) tab, and then click “日本語”

(4) You will see the available languages. Click on your preferred language.

3) Several Ways to Access Yammer

You can access Yammer not only via a browser, but also in several other ways.

The simplest way is to access via your browser (see 1.).

If you are a community administrator and want to host a live event, we recommend that you install the Teams desktop app (see 5.).

  1. Access via a browser
  2. Access Yammer via the tile in the app launcher of the Office 365 Portal (under preparation)
  3. Install the Yammer desktop app for Windows and Mac
  4. Install the Yammer mobile app for iPhone and Android
  5. Install the Teams desktop app for Windows and Mac
  6. Install theTeams mobile app for iPhone and Android

4) Creating a New Community

Yammer allows everyone to easily create new communities. You can create your own community and make new connections with students who share your interests.

5) Organizing a Live Event

By using Microsoft Teams, community administrators can organize an online live event with just their PC’s camera & microphone.

To hold an event with Teams, you need to install the Teams desktop app.

(1) Click the “Create Live Event” button.

(2) Enter event details and click the “Next” button.

(3) Select “Microsoft Teams” as the production tool, and then click the “Create” button.

(4) Click “Produce (opens Teams)” on the right side.

(5) If you have installed the Teams app, click “今すぐ起動する” (Open the Teams app). If you have not, click “Windowsアプリをダウンロード” (Download Windows app).

6) Other Resources