Short-Term Stay Visa

Researchers who will not receive remuneration/salary from Tohoku University and international students are required to obtain a short-stay visa if their period of stay in Japan is 90 days or less.

Those who fall under the category of short-term stay do not need to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility.

Applying for a short-term stay visa

1. Visa exemption

Depending on your nationality/region of residence, you may be exempt from obtaining a Short-Term Stay visa. Please first check the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to see if you are eligible for the visa exemption.

2. Prepare necessary documents

If you are not eligible for the visa exemption, you will need to prepare necessary documents for the visa application.

You will also need to obtain some documents from Tohoku University, so please ask the contact person at the university to send you the necessary documents.

You can find the list of required documents and necessary steps for each nationality/region of residence on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website below.

3. Visa application

Once you have prepared all the necessary documents, please go to the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate general to apply for a visa along with the visa application form and your passport. It usually takes about one week for the visa to be issued.

The visa is valid for three months, so you can enter Japan within three months after the visa is issued.


  • The outline of the application procedures can be found in the Procedures Chart for Short-Term Stay (MOFA).
  • For the most up-to-date information, we recommend that you also visit the website of your nearest Japanese embassy or consulate general.

For faculty/staff who will host short-stay visitors

The International Support Office does not provide any assistance in short-term stay visa applications. We ask that the host department will provide support for the visitor’s visa application.