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Student Health Care Center and Counseling Services

Student Health Care Center (SHCC)

Clinical Service

The Student Health Care Center provides health consultation from Monday to Friday every week.
Open 9:00 to 11:30, 13:00 to 16:15

Annual Checkups

The Student Health Care Center provides annual checkups: in April for freshmen, and in May for other students. Students are advised to take advantage of the opportunity. In Japan, it is required by law to conduct medical checkups.

Issuance of Health Certificates

Health Certificates are issued at the Student Health Care Center, for students who require them in order to apply for scholarships or other purposes. Certificates are based on the results of the regular physical checkups mentioned above. Please note that they suspend the issuance of health certificates while they carry out medical checkups.
Applications are available at the Student Health Care Center on Kawauchi Kita Campus. (TEL: 022-795-7835・7836)
Website: http://www.health.ihe.tohoku.ac.jp/eng_front/

Center for Counseling and Disability Services (CCDS)

The Center for Counseling and Disability Services offers appropriate counseling for university students about problems in their everyday lives, including academic work, future plans, interpersonal relationships, personal traits and mental health. The details of student problems will be kept strictly confidential. Please do not hesitate to visit the Center.

To use our services, you can either come to the Center directly, or make an appointment by telephone or e-mail. Counseling sessions are offered free of charge.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 9:30 to 17:00 (Except National and New Year’s holidays)
TEL: 022-795-7833
E-mail: gakuso@ihe.

Please put "tohoku.ac.jp" at the end of the e-mail address.

Website: http://www.ccds.ihe.tohoku.ac.jp/front/counseling_office/sso_english/

University-wide Harassment Counseling Center

If you are harassed:
-Talk to someone you trust, and contact the Counseling Center.
-A professional counselor will be provided.

What is harassment?

Tohoku University's harassment prevention policy defines harassment as a violation of human rights that falls within the purview of "sexual harassment" or "academic harassment."

-University-wide Harassment Counseling Center (in University Counseling Center)
Tel: 022-795-7812

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