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For those who are planning to enter Japan

The Japanese government has announced that foreign nationals will be incrementally permitted to enter Japan after going through prescribed procedures. This page introduces services available to you when you travel to Japan, as well as some points you need to keep in mind.

Upon deciding the date of your arrival in Japan, please be sure to discuss the schedule with your academic advisor, advising faculty member, or host faculty member in advance.

To apply for a visa, you must have a "written pledge" issued by the university (excluding re-entrants and government-sponsored students). Please ask the relevant person in your department to obtain a written pledge.

Medical insurance

You must take out private medical insurance (including travel insurance covering medical expenses during your period of stay in Japan) before entering Japan.

Even if you are required to enroll in the National Health Insurance in Japan, you must purchase private medical insurance to avoid being uninsured during the period between the time you arrive in Japan and the time you are enrolled in NHI.

The website below introduces some of travel insurances that you can purchase online upon your arrival in Japan. If you wish to purchase one, please contact to the insurance company directly.

Travel agent for entry to Japan

The Japanese government requires PCR tests and a 14-day self-isolation period for those who enter Japan. Also, there are many details requiring caution when arranging transportation for entry to Japan and accommodation for voluntary isolation. It is not easy to carry out the necessary procedures from abroad.

Therefore, we introduce JTB's travel arrangement service so that your entry can proceed smoothly. Please contact JTB directly after carefully reading the flyer below and understanding the details of this service. This service is provided at your own risk/expense.


For international students returning to Japan


International students who have a status of residence and re-entry permit


Information on travel agent for re-entry (PDF)


For international students newly coming to Japan


Information on travel agent for entry to Japan (for students) (PDF)


For faculty members/researchers newly coming to Japan


Information on travel agent for entry to Japan (for researchers) (PDF)


Transportation From Airport to Hotel

You may not use the shuttle bus services for arrivals, so you need to book a rental car or a hire car with a driver that meets the standards set by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

You can reserve a hire car with the above travel agent (JTB). If you wish to reserve, please contact the agent directly at the email address or phone number shown at the bottom of each flyer above.

  • From Narita Airport to a hotel near the airport: Approx. 6,000 yen
  • From Haneda Airport to a hotel near the airport: Approx. 15,000 yen

The above fares are rough estimates and are subject to change.


From the time of your arrival in Japan until the end of the 14-day quarantine, you must keep following the requirements below by using your smartphone. Be sure to confirm in advance that your smartphone meets these requirements.

  • Install the COVID-19 contact tracing app (COCOA) designated by the Japanese government and ensure that the application remains active.
  • Retain the location data collected by the map app or a similar app.

COCOA was designed for iOS and Android. For the latest information about supported OS versions, please visit App Store or Google Play.


Renting a smartphone


If your smartphone does not meet the above requirements, you can rent a smartphone for the period of time you need it. If you wish to rent a smartphone, please see the flyers/website below and contact the provider directly. Of course, you can rent it from other companies that are not listed here.


O planning


- Offering a special plan for international students coming to Japan (airport pick-up service is available upon request)

- Accepting payments by Alipay and WeChat Pay as well as credit cards

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