International Student Expenses

Per-month expenses = housing expenses + living expenses + tuition

Please calculate the amount of funding you will need for your study abroad activities, and determine whether or not you can cover them. (All figures are estimates.)

HousingDormitory (single room)13,000 yen – 33,900 yen / month *1
Apartment (1 bedroom)40,000 yen and over / month

Reference: Finding Accommodation 
Living Expenses80,000 yen / month
Itemized Electricity / Gas / Water 10,000 yen / month
Phone10,000 yen / month
Food 40,000 yen / month
Other20,000 yen / month *2

Reference: Cost of Living
Tuition *3Undergraduate / Grad. Students44,650 yen-67,000 yen / month
Research Students29,700 yen / month

Reference: Fees & Expenses

*1 In addition, you will have to pay a maintanance fee.
*2 Students must enroll in National Health Insurancethe National Pension System (for those 20 and older), and other types of student insurance, e.g. personal accident (Gakkensai) and liability (Inbound futai-gakuso) insurance.
*3 In addition to tuition, students must pay examination and admission fees.

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