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Local Support Groups

There are numerous international exchange support organizations, where many Tohoku University international students and researchers find support or take part in hosted activities.

“MIA” Miyagi International Association

The Miyagi International Association (MIA) runs and offers a variety of programs and events to promote cultural diversity and international cultural exchange.

Click here for their website.

“SenTIA” Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association

Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association (SenTIA) was established with the aims of promoting international exchange and supporting all members of the community regardless of language, nationality or cultural identity. They respond to consultations and inquiries of daily live in Japan. They also offers interpreting support services for foreigners who are unsure of their ability to communicate in Japanese.

Click here for their website.

Group Mori

Group Mori is a volunteer organization that aims to support international students in their daily lives. They organize exchange meetings twice a week, at the Tohoku University International Exchange Building.

Click here for their website(Japanese Only).

International Student Groups at Tohoku University

The following are organizations of university students whose mission addresses international students directly.

Tohoku University Foreign Students Association “TUFSA”

TUFSA is an organization that consists mainly of international students at Tohoku University. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2015, TUFSA organizes a wide range of activities, from support in everyday life and studies to promotion of international exchange and participation in community activities. The special events they organize include receptions for new students, dance parties, athletic festivals and charity activities. The largest event is the Tohoku University International Festival, held in spring each year with the participation of students from other universities and doors open to all. It is a vibrant festival, with traditional cuisines and traditional dances, as well as opportunities to encounter diffrent culture from around the world.

Click here for their website.


@home is an organization that specializes in supporting international students. They organize an international exchange event called IH (International Hour) once a month, enjoying a variety of activities such as cherry blossom viewing party, IMONI party, traveling and sports. They aim to promote communications between Japanese students and international students through parties and sports.

Click here for their website.

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Tohoku University Muslim Cultural Association (TUMCA)

TUMCA was established to promote cultural exchange and friendship. The Association participates in the Tohoku University International Festival and Sendai Earth Festival every year, and organizes cooking classes every month.

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IPLANET is a student organization that supports students in the University’s International Program in Liberal Arts (IPLA). They plan events throughout the year (such as cooking classes, cultural experiences, day trips, welcome and farewell parties). Furthermore, they organize the Global Cafe and provide daily support by one-on-one tutoring. All IPLANET members are open to international students and they are deepening mutual bonds through these activities.

Click here for their Facebook page.

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