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Orientation for Incoming International Students

Fall 2020 (online video)

The orientation videos for incoming international students are now available at Google Classroom.
In order for you to watch the videos, please make sure that you have your own DC mail address.
Google Classroom Class Code is displayed below.
If you cannot see the code, please stay signed in to your Google Account with your DC mail address and look at this page again.
For those of you who have never used Google Classroom before, please refer to the manual (1~5②) below.

Click here for the flyer.

On and Off Campus Support Groups for International Students

    On and off campus support groups are listed below.
    Please look at flyer or HP for their activities and services.
    Short videos from the support groups are posted in Google Classroom, so please check them out.

    * The activities and services below may be suspended or scaled down due to measures to prevent COVID-19.
    * When you join extracurricular activities, please check the university's official website regularly and follow the extracurricular activities guidelines.

Off campus

  • Tohoku University Co-op The flyer is here
    Tohoku University Co-op provides various services including food, bookstore, insurance and etc.
  • Miyagi International Association(MIA) The flyer is here
    MIA is an organization that aims to promote internationalization in Miyagi including support services for international students and residents.
  • Sendai Tourism Convention and International Association(SenTIA) The flyer is here
    SenTIA operates Sendai Multicultural Center, and it provides useful infomration for living in multiple languages.
  • Group Mori The flyer is here
    Group Mori is a volunteer organization that aims to support international students in their daily lives.

On campus

  • Tohoku University Library The flyer is here
    TU library offers services which supports international students in multiple languages.
  • Tohoku University Foreign Students Association(TUFSA) Facebook page is here
    TUFSA mainly consists of international students and offers a place for them to get to know each other.
  • @home Facebook page is here
    @home is a group that connects International and Japanese students each other through events.
  • Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia Sendai(PPIS) HP is here
    PPIS is a support group by international students from Indonesia.
  • Tohoku University International Department of SCRUM(IDeS) The flyer is here
    SCRUM conducts volunteer not only in the Tohoku area but also other areas in Japan.
  • Tohoku University Muslim Cultural Association(TUMCA) Facebook page is here
    TUMCA is a support groups to show true face of Islamic culture.
  • Tohoku University STEM Student Network(TUSTEM) The flyer is here
    TUSTEM is an international exchange group to foster mutual exchange between Japanese and international students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate STEM curricula.

Reference Materials

The orienation materials of Spring 2020 are here

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