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Mobile Phones

About Mobile Phone/SIM Card Contracts

To contract a mobile phone, visit an office representing any of the companies introduced below. You will need to present identification documents (student ID or driver's license, and Residence Card). Services vary from company to company. For details, check the company websites before application

  • Minors (those younger than 20 years of age) require written consent from a legal guardian. However, an adult residing in Japan may give consent in place of your legal guardian in some cases.
  • You must have a Residence Card, showing your address in Japan, to apply for a mobile phone/SIM card contract. Please undergo Resident Registration at your ward office before applying.
  • You can apply for a SIM card contract both in person and online. In the latter case, you need a credit card in your own name.
  • Depending on the provider, foreign credit cards might not be accepted. Please ask the provider in advance.
  • Applying in person at one of the provider's outlets may take a long time. Assume it will take at least one hour or longer when applying.
  • If you require help from the outlet's staff in a language other than Japanese, make an appointment in advance.
  • Most mobile phones/SIM cards come with a two-year contract. This allows you to get a discounted monthly rate, but if you end the contract early, you must pay a cancellation fee.
  • Typical Required Documents (Adults)

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