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COE Procedures

COE Application Flow


  1. Host Department --> Applicant
    You will receive the following documents (*1) from administrative staff (*2) at Host Department at Tohoku University, by e-mail.
    Form 1: Information on status of residence and visa procedures
    Form 2: Information Sheet for COE Web Application and Visa Application Form
    *1: Form 1 and Form 2 will be sent to you by e-mail about 3 months prior to your enrollment in Tohoku university.
    *2: You may receive an e-mail from the person in charge in your prospective laboratory depending on the department.
  2. Applicant --> International Support Office
    After receiving Forms 1 and 2, complete the Web Application and upload all required documents to the URL included with the e-mail you will receive upon completion of the web application. If you cannot attach your document's data on the system, you can alternatively send the documents directly to the Support Office via e-mail.
  3. International Support Office --> Host Department
    The International Support Office will send your information to Host Department.
  4. Host Department --> International Support Office
    Host Department checks the information and gives approval. If the application appears fraudulent, Host Department can reject the application. After approval, Host Department sends required documents to the International Support Office.
    *3: If there are many applications, a list of necessary infomation should be sent to the International Support Office in advance via e-mail.
  5. International Support Office --> Immigration Bureau
    The International Support Office applies to the Sendai Immigration Bureau for the COE. Standard procedures duration for the Immigration Bureau to screen the application and issue the COE is a month to three months.
  6. International Support Office --> Applicant
    Applicant will receive an e-mail from the COE Web application system to let you know that your application was taken to the Regional Immigration Bureau. At that time, the registered postal address will be shown. If applicant need to change the postal address, please inform the new address by e-mail .
  7. Immigration Bureau --> International Support Office
    The Sendai Immigration Bureau sends the issued COE to the International Support Office.
  8. International Support Office <----> Applicant
    The International Support Office sends the COE by EMS (Express Mail Service) to the postal address that you entered on the web system. The International Support Office will send you an e-mail containing the tracking number of the package.
    Please e-mail the International Support Office to confirm you received the COE.
  9. Applicant <----> Japanese Embassy or Consulate
    You will apply for the visa at a Japanese Embassy or Consulate, presenting the visa application form, ID photo, Passport, COE and other required documents.
  10. Applicant
    When entering Japan with a visa / passport and COE, the COE has to be submitted to the lmmigration Officer.

COE Application Procedure

  1. You will receive the following documents from the administrative office of the school / faculty / graduate school / institute / center of Tohoku University.
    Form 1: Information on status of residence and visa procedures
    Form 2: Information Sheet for COE Web Application and Visa Application Form
    * Host Department needs to fill out the form before sending you Form 2.
  2. Enter the required personal information on the COE Web Application System.
  3. You can submit the required documents to International Support Office through the web system. If you cannot upload the document data to the system for technical reasons, you can alternatively send the documents directly to International Support Office via e-mail. Regarding the required documents, the detailed information is on Form 1.

E-mail Address: supportoffice@grp.tohoku.ac.jp

* Your application will be deemed complete once the International Support Office receives the application through the web system, and required documents.

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Application for your visa at the Japanese embassy or consulate

Once you receive your COE, you have to apply to the nearest Japanese Embassy or consulate for your visa.

Required Documents

  • Visa application form with ID photo attached
  • passport
  • COE
  • other required documents

*Before submitting your application, be sure to check with the embassy or consulate about the required documents.

Visa Application Form (From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)

visa application form

Your visa will be issued by the Japanese Embassy or consulate. It usually takes about five business days.

Working Visa or a Long-term Stay Visa
Working or a Long-term Stay Visa: Professor
General Visa: Student
General Visa: Cultural Activities
General Visa: Dependent(family stays)
Embassies & Consulates

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Entering Japan

  1. Enter Japan with your passport, visa and COE.
  2. Be sure to submit your COE to the Immigration officer at the airport.
  3. The Immigration officer will put a Landing Permission seal on your passport, which shows the date of landing, the period of stay, and your Status of Residence. At Narita, Haneda, Chubu and Kansai Airports, if your period of stay is longer than 3 months, a Residence Card will be issued. (∗4)Be sure to confirm that your Status of Residence and period of stay are the same on your landing permission seal and on the Residence Card.
  4. If you are granted "Student" Status with a permitted period of stay longer than 3 months, you can apply for "Permission to Engage in Activity other than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted." This permit is required if you would like to work part time. If your application is approved, please check to make sure the permit is stamped on your passport and endorsed on your Residence Card.
  5. (∗4)At Sendai Airport a Residence Card will be issued later and mailed to your reported place of residence.

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