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Packing Your Luggage

Checklist for Preparing to Enter Japan

Required items

  • Flight ticket
  • Passport
  • Cash
  • Three photographs (L4.5cm x W3.5cm) for various certificates
  • Visa / Certificate of Eligibility

Recommended items

  • Eye-drops / contact lens solution
  • Medicine (over-the-counter medicine such as antacid, coId medicine, analgesics)
  • Formal clothing (Western-style suit, or traditional formal clothes from your country)
  • Map / guidebook
  • Dictionary
  • Plug adapters / electricity transformers
  • Items from your home country (photos and small gifts)

Customs Regulations for Entering Japan

Import prohibitions / restrictions

Your belongings, even if they are for personal use during your stay in Japan, will be examined at customs, and may be subject to duty depending on their quantity or content. Please check the customs regulations carefully.

In Japan, possession of any of the following is prohibited or regulated by law:

Do not violate the law or you will be punished severely.

Prohibited Items

  • Illegal drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines or marijuana
  • Firearms such as handguns
  • Pornography (books / videotapes / DVDs)
  • Forged currency
  • Articles that infringe intellectual property rights, e.g., counterfeits

Restricted Items

  • Animals and plants, or related goods listed in the Washington Treaty and the Invasive Alien Species Act
  • Items that require animal and plant quarantine
  • Hunting rifles and swords
  • Live animals and plants, meat products, vegetables, fruits, rice, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical products, cosmetics (subject to quantitative restrictions)

* The items listed above are notable examples of prohibited and restricted items. For full details, see …


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