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International Student Expenses

Per-month expenses = housing expenses + living expenses + tuition

Please calculate the amount of funding you will need for your study abroad activities, and determine whether or not you can cover them. (All figures are estimates.)

Housing Dormitory *120,000 yen / month
Apartment35,000 yen and over / month

Reference Housing 
Living Expenses 70,000 yen / month
Itemized Electricity / Gas / Water 10,000 yen / month
Phone10,000 yen / month
Food30,000 yen / month
Other20,000 yen / month *2

Reference Cost of Living
Tuition *3 Undergraduate / Grad. Students 44,650 yen-67,000 yen / month
Research Students29,700 yen / month

Reference Fees & Expenses

*1 Subject to room availability; not all students can use dormitories.
*2 Students must enroll in National Health Insurance, the National Pension System (for those 20 and older), and other types of student insurance, e.g. personal accident (Gakkensai) and liability (Gakkenbai) insurance.
*3 In addition to tuition, students must pay examination and admission fees.

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