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Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal

In Japan, all household garbage must be sorted into various categories. Garbage of each kind will be collected according to a strict schedule, and must be placed in a designated area. Outside of these provisions, garbage will not be collected.
Every municipal government in Japan, including Sendai, has its own rules on the disposal of household garbage, and the collection schedule differs by area. Please be sure to ask your landlord, neighbors or city officers about the rules for your area, and follow them.
Special bags are required when you mean to throw away your garbage; there is one kind of bag for household garbage and another for plastics.


household garbage



Bottles, cans, and paper are collected on specific days, and will be recycled.
Guide for sorting recyclables and waste, and how to put them out for collection (Sendai City website)

Oversized Garbage Removal

Garbage such as furniture or mattresses, that does not fit into the largest bag available for ordinary collection cannot be disposed with household trash. Call the Oversized Garbage Removal Center (Phone: 022-716-5301) in Japanese to request special collection. Buy a prepaid “Oversized Garbage Removal” sticker at a convenience store or elsewhere, stick it on your waste, and put it out in the specified place for collection.

Details for oversized garbage removal in Sendai: click here

The Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association (SenTIA) provides support for handling oversized garbage through their "interpretation Support Hotline", with which they arrange a three-way call with the officer in charge. Call the Association on 022-224-1919.

Interpretation Support Hotline


The following numbers are for inquiries about the disposal of garbage in each ward of the city.

Aoba Collection Office (Japanese Only)
Tel: (022) 277-5300 Fax: (022)277-8750
Miyagino Collection Office (Japanese Only)
Tel: (022) 236-5300 Fax: (022)236-6123
Wakabayashi Collection Office (Japanese Only)
Tel: (022) 289-2051 Fax: (022)289-5775
Taihaku Collection Office (Japanese Only)
Tel: (022) 248-5300 Fax: (022)248-5361
Izumi Collection Office (Japanese Only)
Tel: (022) 773-5300 Fax: (022)373-1156
Environment Bureau Waste Supervision Section (Japanese Only)
Tel: (022) 214-8227 Fax: (022)214-8277

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