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Apartments for Foreign People

There are many single-student apartments near all of Tohoku University's campuses. However, for international students and foreign residents that have never been to Sendai before, dealing with Japanese real estate agencies and apartment-hunting may seem intimidating.

To help you look for an apartment, we will provide information on residential areas suited to international students' needs and rental fee ranges in those areas.

Aoba-ku: Kunimi Area

The Sanjo-machi area contains a number of dorms for international students, such as Tohoku University International House (Sanjo 1 and 2), and University House Sanjo/Sanjo II. This makes it easy for international students to meet one and other. All campuses are accessible from here by bicycle. Also, as it is in a hilly area, rental prices are low compared with other parts of the city. Many international students live in this area. If you have children in pre-school or elementary school who want to learn Japanese, the Kunimi Elementary School district is generally open to foreign children.

It is possible to commute to Kawauchi Campus for school/work by city bus (180 yen each way). Aobayama Campus can be reached by taking the city bus to a Tozai Line station, then transferring to the subway.

Aoba-ku: Hachiman, Kawauchi, Kashiwagi, and Katahira Areas

These areas are popular among international students who like cycling, as the ground is more level than in the Kunimi, Aobayama, and Yagiyama areas. However, although they are closer to the city and more convenient, the average rent is a little higher.

Taihaku-ku: Yagiyama Area

Apartments around the Yagiyama Zoological Park subway station are convenient for commuting to Aobayama and Kawauchi campuses for school/work. Except for places very near the subway station, many apartments have relatively low rental prices compared with the Kunimi and Hachiman areas.

The below website provides information on apartments with low rent and low key money suitable for international students and foreign researchers. There are also private student dormitories that can be rented for as short a stay as one day. We encourage you to consider where you want to live with regards to rental price and commuting convenience, then contact a real estate agent directly.

Apartments for International Students and Researchers

Common Troubles for International Students in Housing

Private Dormitory for International Students: "Urban Castle"

Private Dormitory for International Rersarchers: "Hoshunin"(Japanese only), "The Green House Sendai, Zoological Park"(Japanese only)

Tohoku University COOP Real Estate website New ! (Reservation form is available.)

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