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When Feeling not Well

In case you feel unwell on the university campuses

If you feel unwell or have suffered a minor injury while on campus, you may go to the Student Health Care Center for a consultation. The Center has an office on each campus, open during the following hours. The Center’s doctor may or may not be in when you go.

Student Health Care Center

Weekdays: 9:00-11:30, 13:00-16:15

If you wish to consult doctors in medical institutions outside the campuses

Some medical institutions provide consultations in English or other foreign languages. Call in advance to check availability before going. Make sure to take your National Health Insurance card and hand it to the reception staff when you arrive. With National Health Insurance, you need to pay only 30% of the medical costs. Be careful not to forget your card, for if you forget it you will have to pay 100%. On the Sendai International Relations Association (SIRA) website, you can find a list of medical institutions where you can find treatment in languages other than Japanese.

Hospital and Clinic List (external site)
Sendai Hospitals & Clinics services available in foreign languages(PDF) (external site)

Almost all hospitals are closed at night and on Sundays / national holidays. If you need a doctor during any such period, you will have to go to an “After-Hours and Holiday Clinic”. Each clinic operates in rotation, through different facilities at different locations, depending on the date. You can look up which hospital or clinic is open on any specific Sunday or holiday at the following website.

http://www.city.sendai.jp/kurashi/kyukyu/kyujitsu/0075.html (Japanese only)

Using Medical Facilities

You may feel a bit nervous about using Japanese medical facilities. However, there is a lot of information available on the Internet. Please refer to the below websites as needed.

"General Procedures for Outpatient Care at Medical Facilities" (in 5 languages) for doctor consultations:
"Multilingual Medical Questionnaire" for explaining your symptoms:
The "OASIS Volunteer Guide" service can help you deal with reception and payment procedures at hospitals (Sendai International Center, Koryu Corner, Counseling/Information Counter):
TEL: 022-265-2471
The "Interpretation Support Hotline" provides an interpreting service to help you with reception procedures at hospitals (does not provide interpretation during medical consultations):

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