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Welcome to International Students

Undergraduate & Graduate schools

Customs Regulations for Traveling to Japan

Checklist for Arriving in Japan

  1. Curriculum
    1. Curriculum
      (1) Undergraduate Program
      (2) Graduate Program
      (3) Research Student Program
      (4) Special Auditing Students and Special Research Students
      (5) Intensive Japanese Language Course
      (6) Others
    2. Japanese Language Program at Kawauchi for International Students and Scholars
  2. Life on Campus
    1. Academic Calendar 2016
    2. Tutor System
    3. List of Procedures
    4. Layout of the Education and Student Support Center
    5. List of Contact Offices
    6. Tuition and Other School Expenses
      (1) Application and Admission Fees,Tuition
      (2) Waiver, Deferment, or Monthly Payment of the Tuition & Waiver or Deferment of the Admission Fee
      (3) Other Expenses (GAKKENSAI/GAKKENBAI)
    7. Scholarships
      (1) Procedures for Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Students
      (2) Scholarships for Privately Financed International Students
    8. University Libraries
    9. The Students' Friendship Association "Gakuyu-kai" (Extracurricular Activities)
    10. Events for International Students
    11. Support Groups for International Students
    12. Cooperative Society (Co-op) and Other Facilities
  3. Immigration and Other Procedures
    1. Residence Card
    2. Registration (Change) of Place of Residence
      (1) At time of admission
      (2) While enrolled
    3. Extension of Stay
    4. Engaging in Activities Other than those Permitted under Student Status
    5. Temporary Leave and Re-Entry
    6. Change of Status
    7. Bringing Spouse and / or Children Over