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Arriving in Sendai

The easiest way to get to Sendai is by direct flight to Sendai Airport. If you live in an area without direct flights to Sendai, you can fly to another airport first, and then get a connecting flight to Sendai. From Sendai Airport, it takes approximately 25 minutes to reach Sendai Station by the Sendai Airport Transit train.

International Flights Landing at Sendai Airport

  • Seoul - Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri
  • Taipei - Sun, Wed, Thu, Sat
  • Shanghai - Sun, Wed
  • Beijing - Sun, Wed

Getting from Narita International Airport or Haneda Airport to Sendai

Another option is to fly into Narita International Airport or Haneda Airport(Tokyo International Airport) and travel the rest of the distance by train.

Getting from Sendai Station to Campuses

There are many bus routes from Sendai Station to Campuses.

How to get on buses in Sendai (Sendai Bus Handbook)(Japanese only)

Getting from Sendai Station to dormitories

Bus Stop Information

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Getting from Major Cities to Sendai

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